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Secretarial & Nominee Services

Local Requirements:

  • Secretary – It is obligatory to appoint a company secretary. They may be either an individual or corporate body however it is advisable to appoint a resident company secretary. The secretary is responsible for keeping and filing corporate documents with the Registrar of Companies. We can provide company secretarial services for an annual fee.
  • Registered Office – It is compulsory for a Cyprus International Company to have a registered office in Cyprus which is used as the business address of the company. A register of Directors, Shareholder, Secretary and minutes of general and director meetings are kept at this location. All changes have to be filed with the Registrar of Companies within a month from the date of change. We can provide the use of an office address if required.

We can also assist with establishing substance for the company willing to conduct its business activities in Cyprus.   We can fully assist in the employment of part-time or full-time staff for your company, as well as in the employment of a qualified director (located and employed in Cyprus), establish of office presence, payment of local utilities and taxes. Please see section on “substance” for more details.


  • All details of directors and shareholders appear in the public records. In order to protect confidentiality, nominee officers can be used
  • Statutory secrecy provisions protect details of the beneficial owners supplied to the Central Bank. There is no public Registry of the beneficial owners, currently.


  1. From the receipt of the required documentation to the incorporation of a Cyprus International Company the approximate time period is 10 working days. With acceleration fee payable to the Registrar of Companies it is possible to reduce the time needed to 3-4 working days.

Company secretarial and nominee services;

Corporate Legal Services and court claims filling. (Association with other offices depending on the client’s request)

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